UK Mailboxes Service


Step 1

  • Sign Up to our mailbox service by filling the following form.

  • Once registered for a fee of £5.00 per annum (no contract) you will obtain an UK personal delivery address.

  • Click here to find out the re-delivery costs.*

Step 2

  • Update the address on your Ebay / Amazon / Online shopping account with the address we provide by email.

  • Start Shopping!

Step 3​

  • We will notify you the arrival of your shipments via email as soon as the parcel gets scanned in our warehouse

Step 4​

  • You will be asked to choose to leave the parcel in our warehouse whilst you are waiting for more parcels to come or you can choose to get the parcel / parcels re-delivered to your address

  • We will send you an invoice and your parcels will be on their way to you within 24h after receiving the payment.

Please note: extra costs may apply to the forwarding prices if the final consolidation package requires new boxes or additional packaging ( new cardboard box £ 3 + VAT).

Any questions? Get in touch!

*costs for Express service 1+ days  can vary in relation to the total shipment volume.

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From our headquarters in Brighton we operate everywhere in the EU and United Kingdom.

We can also help you with air cargo shipment to the rest of the world.

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